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Someone who abuses drugs and/or alcohol, who also has a co-occurring mental illness such as bi-polar, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, or depression is referred to as an individual with dual diagnosis. Self-medicating through drugs and/or alcohol is a common reaction for people who are dealing with a psychological disorder. This is how their addiction starts to develop and is why the right dual diagnosis facility is vital to an individual's successful recovery. At our dual diagnosis rehab, we use an all-encompassing approach because it's aimed to meet all aspects of the clinical needs of the person.

At Unity Recovery Center we use an all-encompassing approach because it's aimed to meet all aspects of the clinical needs of the person. It's important for those with a psychological disorder and an addiction to recognize that both the substance abuse and the co-occurring illness need to be treated in unison. If one issue is treated at a separate time from the other, it could easily cause a failed recovery. Being properly diagnosed and treated based on one's evaluation will ultimately achieve a proper recovery. Behavioral therapy, medical analysis, and group accountability and support are all important elements for determining whether or not a patient is on the right path.

Residential Dual Diagnosis

By entering our residential dual diagnosis treatment program you are departing from an environment overwhelmed by stress and distractions and joining a place where the primary focus is recovery. Our program is designed to examine both the mental and physical aspects of one's addiction, taking the two issues head on for the best possible results. Recovery is even more difficult to achieve when both a mental disorder and addiction are involved. This is why residential dual diagnosis treatment is critical to the ongoing success of your recovery. Our residential facility has specialists available at all hours of the day to make sure each client is aware of their own individual treatment goals.

Why We're The Best

We are considered to be one of the best residential dual diagnosis programs because we truly believe in enriching our clients with resources that help jump-start their journey to recovery.

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Our treatment center is designed to heal and rehabilitate patient in an individualized manner, while also addressing his or her specific problems and needs. We are located in Hobe Sound, Florida, which is just minutes from the beautiful ocean. We are a premiere dual diagnosis facility that surrounds our clients with help, support, and the perfect amenities to direct towards the path of a positive recovery.

Through self-discovery and healing, each client is further educated on their mental illness and addiction and taught the skills necessary to live a sober life. Treatment generally is composed of individual and group therapy, mental health services, detoxification, counseling, yoga, and other therapeutic options. These elements are what make Unity Rehab the best dual diagnosis facility nationwide. With our trained professionals and individualized programs to fit the needs of each client, there's no reason to hesitate another moment. Call us immediately and let us help you today.

Unity Rehab knows there should never be a "paint by numbers" method for treating addiction. Because of the various causes of addiction, depending on the individual, there may be several different approaches for treatment. Though addicts have had some success with a traditional treatment approach, more facilities are incorporating holistic methods, because they have proven to be more effective, boasting success rates that are significantly higher than mainstream 12-step treatment centers. By treating the entire body and mind, holistic rehab can uncover underlying root causes for alcohol addiction and lay a foundation for successful treatment.

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